What Is Love?

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This brief poem is by James, a recent volunteer to Anawim in St. Johns.

Do I have a vested interest in you and you and you over there?

I see my reflection in you

I put you there

I need you so I can see what to do

To reach out, rediscover

To redefine my sense of compassion

Relationships are a necessity so

that everyone of us may know

We can make a difference

You give courtesy, generosity

You give me laughter and life

You give me despair and I don’t care,

missed appointments and no call backs

You give me entitlement, for what?

The dinner roll and beans I hand you

Your shame hides what? The dirty sheets

The piled stank of dirty laundry and wet periodicals

And you cry shame with your actions?

Then what is love if I don’t return and return?

if I don’t keep inviting you, serving, seeking to be with you

What is love if I don’t see me in you?


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