What Anawim Did in 2013

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(All numbers are approximate)

Served 17000 meals

Provided food for 20,800 people

Remained gentle

Provided 1500 changes of clothes


Provided 2080 showers

Gave hope

Provided or organized night shelter for 2200 people

Saved lives

Regularly supported ten other organizations in relationally helping the homeless


Provided six memorial services for friends who passed unexpectedly


Provided 200 worship opportunities

Loved the Lord

1000 prayers for people who otherwise wouldn’t have been prayed for.


1000 referrals to other organizations for help


Connected the housed with the homeless


Countless peacemaking opportunities and representations of Jesus


  1. February 26, 2014

    Ellen J Stinsn

    Wonderfully amazing! Thank you for providing these much needed services, and for the sacrifices and labor that goes into them!

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