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My family had a discussion the other day on this topic: What would your perfect utopia include?

Below is what we came up with. It is also our short list of what the kingdom of God would look like, at least in part.



Everyone has access to healthy food, clean water, toilets, shelter from weather, sleep without harassment, life-saving health care.
Every person has value and no innocent person is killed.
Everyone works with their strength and talents, at times for the sake of others, at times for personal development
Everyone is judge by actions, not by appearances, and there is tolerance for different opinions
Train our children to be cooperative and compassionate instead of ambitious and egotistical.
Volunteer listening centers for people who want to listen to people who need to talk
Everyone is trained to deal nonviolently and appropriately with conflict
Teleportation; replicator
No itching.


What would your utopia look like? What do you expect God to make the world like in the final state?

Please reply with your answers, but try not to go over a hundred words (that was another one of our limitations. We were close)

  1. June 7, 2012


    LOL @ “No itching”! All I have to say to that, as a life-long sufferer of allergies is… AMEN!

    • June 7, 2012


      Needless to say, Diane is the one who added that last line. :)


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