Top Ten Ways To Oppress the Poor

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(as expressed by Hebrew Prophets)

IMG_0438 Stealing from the poor (Isaiah 1:17, 23; Jeremiah 5:28)

Like a city hiring a company to throw away the sleeping gear of the homeless

Refusing to defend the needy (Isaiah 3:14-15)

Like a judge declaring that a city has the right to abuse the homeless

Unjust judgments against the poor (Isaiah 10:1-2)

Like arresting a poor person for being unable to pay a fine they received for being poor

Not assisting the needy (Ezekiel 16:49)

Like reducing welfare to those who really need it.

Taking interest for loans (Ezekiel 18:15-17)

Like “quick cash” companies, or bill collectors.

Enslaving a people (Amos 1:6)

Like incarcerating a quarter of the population of African American males.

Excessive violence in war, especially against innocents (Amos 1:13)

Like sending drones out to destroy whole families, or destroying a city for their government’s actions.

Excessive rent against the poor (Amos 5:11)

Like kicking a poor family out of their apartment because they are late with their rent.

Accepting bribes (Amos 5:12)

Like getting paid overtime for doing “extra police work” by evicting the homeless.

Turning away those who need shelter for a night (Amos 5:12)

Like almost every church in the United States.


I guess if Amos or Isaiah came today, they’d be pretty busy.

  1. April 21, 2015

    deborah loyd

    Wow! If this does not cause us to take responsibility for our actions what will?I think you might be our modern day Amos/Isaiah.

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