The Challenge

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Pastor Jeff and his wife Yvan live in an RV on the campus of the church.

In the wee hours of the morning I am having a dream where out in the park is a man standing with a large long knife challenging me to come forth and do battle with him. His challenge is PASTOR JEFF YOU@##****@ COME FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE……

It is so real that it forces me to wake up and raise my head from my pillow. It is then that I discover it is not a dream. I am almost tempted to rise but then I thought, No I will send the Lord in my stead and I called out to the Lord and it began to rain heavily.

My challenger cursed the rain and it rained all the more harder and then I heard the voice yell NEXT TIME PASTOR NEXT TIME.

As I lowered myself back into bed and under the covers I said to myself next time I will just do the same thing.

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