Tell Stories- Justice for the Homeless #6

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Genevieve and David As you learn about the lives of the homeless, tell people about their stories. Not just the bad things or the oppression they face, but talk about their everyday triumphs. Post stories on Facebook or blog, talk about them at neighborhood meetings.

The homeless are our local citizens and their victories are our victories. If they get a job, if they were able to get their identification that has been lost for years, if they were able to obtain housing, if they were able to get a medical problem resolved, talk about it.

Ask prayer for your homeless friends in church meetings, whether your friend goes to your church or not.

Let your friends and your neighbors know that homeless people are good people. That they are your friends. And that they are deserving of love. If we keep talking about the homeless, those you talk to will learn that the homeless are a normal part of our community. Everyday people who happen to be without a roof. Who happen to be poor.

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  1. September 6, 2014

    Janet Isabel Smith

    It would be good if the stories were accompanied by praise for God’s faithfulness, miracles, love, etc.

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