Provide Work- Justice for the Homeless #3

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Workin hard for the money Most of the homeless want to work. But getting a job without an address, or a shower is almost impossible. Going to an interview when the stress of everyday life makes one desperate and anxious and so an unlikely candidate for hiring. This is assuming that the person on the street doesn’t already have a job (many do), that they have the ability to hold down a job (showing up on time is difficult for some), or that they can work more than a few hours a day (those with mental handicaps have difficulties with this).

Anawim hires the homeless to care for our landscaping and to do our janitorial work. Some folks might need some supervision or training, but they are grateful for the work, learn fast and work hard. Often churches see the homeless as objects of charity rather than people who need a chance. Instead of hiring a company to maintain your property, go the extra mile and hire some homeless folks. Or you could find someone holding a sign and invite them to clean your yard for an afternoon, for some pay and a home-cooked meal.

If you’d like to help Anawim continue to pay a fair wage for fair work, please donate to Anawim.

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