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Chuck is a great person at Anawim. He is in subsidized housing and has most of his needs met. But he still needs friends, people to listen to him and love, just like the rest of us, and those are things that no government or corporation can give. He has some good friends in Anawim, like Cheryl, and some good friends in a Catholic church he attends, like Bob.

Watch a video of Chuck singing praise music!

Chuck loves singing and is often seen walking down the street with his large headphones on, dancing to the praise music he listens to. He likes to make videos and he just made one about his trip to Bend, OR, which was very cool.

Besides worship, Chuck comes over to Anawim every week to work. He will pull weeds, clean bathrooms, whatever needs to be done. Earlier this year, Chuck prepared a bed to plant corn because he wants to make a meal for the homeless with corn, rice and chicken. I’m glad he didn’t want to start a chicken coop!

Chuck also has a heart for those who are suffering or weak. He has a great compassion for those who are mourning, or in pain, or more disabled than he. He always speaks words of encouragement to them.

Praise God for Chuck! We’re so glad he’s a part of Anawim!

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