An Opportunity To Help the Homeless! Right now!

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Red Barn Rose

Our barn is so cool, even the roses try to imitate it

Anawim Christian Community is a community church for the homeless in the East Portland area. We have the only warehouse for the needy, the only shower for the homeless, and the only weekly free clothing closet in all of East County. Our warehouse is located in our Red Barn, pictured.

Right now we have an opportunity to double the size of our warehouse, and to provide laundry services for the homeless in our area. We have been approved for a grant of $8,400 to increase our warehouse space and to set up a washer with easy access for those on the street. This grant is a matching grant, so we need the help of others to obtain the $4200 dollars needed so we can access these funds. This also includes a storage space which would be a tiny copy of the Red Barn. Happy us!

Your financial gift would work double, providing the homeless with sleeping bags on cold nights, starter kits for when they get an apartment and clean clothes after they take showers at our facility. We could really use your help for this.

If you would like to participate in this grant, please go to this website and donate with the phrase “SeedNW—Anawim” in the comment section:


If you would like to forgo giving to this grant, and just help us financially pay our rent and food so we could help the homeless everyday, please go to our donation page: We could really use any kind of financial help right now!

If you have clothes or food that you’d like for us to give to the needy in Gresham or Portland, you can just drop it off at 19626 NE Glisan, or you can call Pastor Steve at 503-888-4453.

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