My Soul is the Prize

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God has made every one of us with two distinct moralities, battling like two dogs after the same bone.
The morality of Karma sees every person as unequal. Some deserve more reward, some deserve more punishment, but all deserve uniquely. It is the task of Karma to protect, to preserve, to provide equality.
The morality of Grace sees every person as the same. All have the same requirements to survive, to thrive, and grace gives. Grace sees lack and responds with compassion and then action. Grace is charity unhindered. It is the task of Grace to nourish, to empower, to provide opportunity.
Karma and Grace are in all of us. We all want to punish those whom we see are the worst offenders in our world. We all want to assist those who we see are most in need in our world. We all judge, we all empathize.
All moral arguments are based on who or what deserves which treatment.

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