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tent-city-fire-630x472 About a month ago, a homeless friend of ours, Sunshine, had her tent lit on fire by an unknown person. A nearby paint can exploded and covered her face and hands. She had to have skin graft surgery. Praise God that someone paid for a tent for her, so when the hospital released her, she had covering.

Over the last two weeks, Portland and Gresham had a number of floods, causing many people to instantly lose their tents and sleeping gear. Praise God for all the folks who provided finances so we could buy tents and sleeping bags and who donated blankets so we could replace missing items.

We have been asking folks with soaking wet sleeping bags and blankets to being theirs to us so we could replace them with clean ones.

Just yesterday, two friends of ours were burned in an propane tank explosion. They lost their tent and all their sleeping gear in the ensuing fire. We had one tent, one blanket left to give them.

According to the calendar, winter has just begun. We have already run out of sleeping gear many times in the last month.

If anyone could help us with tents, sleeping bags, blankets or finances to purchase these things, please let us know.

If you want to donate toward this, please go to the donation page and label your donation with “winter” and we’ll purchase the items mentioned above with it.

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