Life Keeps Movin’

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High on a lonely hillside, far from the world below

All the world is different now with so many places to go.

There on a quiet hillside there is a silent stream
I can see it moves with us, as if there’s other places to be.

‘Cause life keeps movin’
It keeps on movin’
Can’t stay here alone.
Time is flying
There’s no use crying
I know I’ve got to go.

Life keeps movin’
It keeps on movin’
It’s time for breaking free.
Life keeps movin’
It’s not going to wait for you or for me!

  1. July 28, 2015


    Its funny to this posted here and have this person claim they wrote it because my 6th grade class sang this as a song at our elementary school back in 1997 altho this person did change a few lines this is mostly plagiarized its sad to see someone claim this beautiful piece as their own

    • July 28, 2015

      Diane Kimes

      Sorry about that. I found that another of her posts that she gave to me as her poems was taken from Mother Teresa. I suppose I should check the internet before I post the author, huh?

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