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Contrast God the Father looked down on earth and did not see a world full of sinners ready to judge. Rather, He saw a world full of potential lovers. So He gave his Son to die for us all, even when we were in open hatred against God’s love, in order to give us a chance. God, to this day, does not give up on us, but gives us the Holy Spirit to prompt us to follow Jesus’ path of love.

God’s grace really is amazing.

He forgives us when we least deserve it.

He gives rain and food to all creatures, even the ungrateful and downright evil.

He gives us air to breathe, and berries to eat, and sun for growth and clouds for shade. All without cost.

He gives us strength to live, and struggle for justice and compassion so we can help those in need.

God gives us loving family and friends, so we can be supported.

And when we have nothing else, God gives us strangers to help us when we are at our lowest.

God is great and His grace knows no end.

How I wish we could say the same about those who call themselves by God’s name. Instead of being a people of grace, we work to create a society of hatred, assumptions, cynicism and anger. Grace leads to a society of love, distrust leads to a society of fear and poverty and violence.

I have seen pastors call the police to have the homeless arrested when they are simply seeking a helping hand.

I have seen Christians verbally abuse a mentally ill person, instead of trying to help him.

I have seen preachers express their anger at homosexuals and Muslims, stirring their congregation to hatred and words of violence.

I have heard born again middle class people consider the poor in need of salvation, simply because they were poor.

Instead of telling each other stories of grace and hope for redemption, we all too often speak negatively of those in need of help.

We will judge those whose only crime is being generous, because they make us uncomfortable.

We will separate instead of love.

We will condemn instead of forgive.

We will coldly regard those who disagree with us instead of oozing with mercy and grace, as Jesus did.

God, may we not be the dam of your grace, but channels of forgiveness and compassion and love.


  1. July 3, 2015

    Mankind Global Media Network

    Far greater than anything any Pastor has done to stir anger in their congregation against homosexuals, is the crime Gay Marriage will bring against children by denying them the right to a mother and a father (Matt 18:6)

    Especially fathers, because we live in a society that worships women and considers men disposable.

    • July 4, 2015


      In this response, you are giving homosexuals the responsibility of being followers of Jesus, which you claim they are not, and pastors no responsibility for following Jesus, which they say they are.

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