Good Friday

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joey velasco

Joey Velasco’s Crucifixion

Today is the day that the church celebrates the death of Jesus. The death of forgiveness, the death that established a new nation, so that we need no longer live under the oppressions of this world.

Why was Jesus sentenced to die?

He didn’t die at the hand of Pharisees or at the hand of other enemies in Galilee. He was killed by the elders and the High Priest, who used their political savvy to get him killed, even crucified like one who is no longer to be counted on the roster of world citizens.

Why did they kill him?

They killed him because he declared himself to be greater than the High Priest, and greater than the emperor of the world, Caesar himself.

They killed him because he threatened the religious establishment on which they depended.

They killed him because he stood with the second-rate citizens, demanding that they be treated as equals.

They killed him because he denied any laws or statutes or rituals that were in opposition to love.


I pray that we would be so wise, so brave, so forthright to stand for these principles, although we are derided, stripped of our authority, made vulnerable, arrested and even killed. Because although we may make ourselves an enemy of the powers of the world, we are better off being an imitator of Jesus.

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