Following Jesus: Lists #2 & #3

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Rich Humiliation I am busy.

I know this because people tell me that I am, so I must be. I do use up whatever energy I have doing a lot of stuff, that’s for sure (but I still have time for a number of movies).

I spend my days with the homeless, mostly.

I get food with the homeless and for the homeless and local poor families. A ton of food a week for four hundred people.

I work to make work for those who don’t have work. Sometimes I am able to pay them.

I make peace amidst violence.

I encourage Jesus’ followers to serve those who need service.

I make disciples and preach sermons and lead worship.

I only do this because I firmly believe that it is what Jesus did

and if he were here he’d be doing something like what I do

(if not exactly these actions).

Jesus, if here in our “first world” would be hanging around the third world that exists within it.

If Jesus were here, he’d be healing those who can’t get healed.

He’d provide justice for those who have no recourse for justice.

He’d feed the hungry, comfort the outcast, make disciples.

He did all that, so I’d expect him to do the same.

* * *

This doesn’t mean I’m always like Jesus, God knows.

I have days when instead of making peace I make enemies.

Instead of making disciples I make haters of God.

Instead of helping the needy I push them away.

I hate days like that. Moments like that.

But I remember that my goal isn’t balance.

It isn’t happiness or personal fulfillment.

My only goal is following Jesus.

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