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idea and Abby

This teen and this baby are two of the hundreds of people who get helped from the funds given!

I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Yes, that’s right—this is a fundraising letter.


But it’s important. See, every year around this time we need extra funds just to make it. We have to meet needs in the summer, but people like to give in the colder months. I get it. But we’re kinda desperate.

You see, our funds have gone down this year, but expenses have gone up. Bills are higher (water alone is twice as much as we paid three years ago). We are meeting the needs of more people (we easily distribute almost two tons of food every week now). And the issues surrounding homelessness have gotten more complicated, so we are trying to meet different kinds of needs. There is more travel, more organization, more struggles.

So many people have generously given food and tents and supplies and work and transportation, even a beautiful mobile shower unit! It is amazing how much gets done from all this. The tough part to keep up on is rent and bills and repairs.

Have you been helped by Anawim?

I especially want to ask help from some of you who are not the wealthiest folks. All of you who have gotten a temporary place to stay at Anawim or Red Barn. If you have ever been able to sleep there. If you have eaten there when you had nowhere else to get food at. If you have ever received one of our free trainings.

If you have been helped by Anawim/RedBarn, we were happy to do it, for nothing. We are about saving lives and giving help to those who desperately need it. If you are doing better now, we ask that you help us now.

We know that you may not have much. But if you could just give us a few dollars, we could use your help.

puppy power

Here’s Steve being licked by a cute puppy! Doesn’t that make you want to give to Anawim?

Have you been reading us?

We know a lot of people have been reading our stories and thoughts regularly on our website, our Facebook pages and via email. Some of you have printed out our training manuals and many of you have taken our trainings. If you appreciate the writing, encouragement and practical stuff to help the homeless, please keep us going by providing a donation.

How much do we need?

To keep us going this month, we will need 5000 dollars. To function well until winter, we will need to raise 10,000.

If you can help us, please do. You can give to Anawim directly, to our address or to our Paypal account. More information on

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