The Adventures of Diver

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Dumpster Halo Diver was cycling through downtown Gresham, near the Safeway when he noticed a crouching body between the two transformers. As he came closer, he saw it was Emily, and no wonder she was shivering. She was wearing a tank top and kapri pants, no shoes or socks, and it was just beginning to snow.

“What do you think you’re doing, out here in the cold?” Diver exclaimed.

“It’s not my fault,” she said through chattering teeth, “Bob threw me out. I couldn’t even get my clothes.”

Diver nodded. Emily and Bob had been having problems. Or maybe Bob is Emily’s problem.

“Just wait here. I’ll see what I can do.” Diver rides across the street to an apartment building, through the parking lot to the dumpster. He opens it up, and there it is! Just what he was looking for, in a plastic bag.

He rides across the street and hands the bag over to Emily. Quickly, she grabs the coat and gloves and throws them on. She wonders, “Did you have these stashed?”

“No,” Diver said. “But I knew if I looked around enough, I’d find just what you need.”


When you are in need, look for the person with nothing.
Those who live on trust and compassion will always find what is needed.


The Anawim community house was in dire need. There was not enough food to feed the thirteen people in the house, and very little even for the children in the house. I didn’t know what to do, but to pray. I’d learned from George Mueller that when the circumstances were dire, God will step in. So I let my needs go before God and asked him for money or food so no one would go hungry. No one had ever gone hungry in our house and I wouldn’t let it happen this time. But there was nothing I could do but pray.

Diver stepped in, “I’m going on a ride!”

“Okay,” I said. I wasn’t going to burden him with my concerns. It’s in God’s hands now.

Diver goes out on his bike and trailer, thinking about looking in some dumpsters, but not really being in the mood. He starts to ride south and something niggles at him and he turns around and begins to ride north.

After about a mile and a half of riding, he passed by the local Fred Meyers. Not really thinking of anything, he decided to glance in their dumpster. Before he had found some nice flowers they had thrown away.

As he glanced over the rim, it wasn’t flowers he saw. Something much nicer…

About an hour later, I was cleaning up and Diver comes strolling in. “How much room do we have in the freezers?” he asks.

“Plenty. We don’t have much food in the house.”

“Well, we do now. I just filled my trailer full of frozen food.”

In came seafood, chicken patties, and corndogs, all into the freezer. I immediately thanked God and Diver because it’s good to show gratitude. It’s a healthy practice.

“Seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

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