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This morning I was sitting in the waiting room as Yvan was in seeing the doctor for a follow up blood test. Suddenly this woman burst through the door with her son, who I would guess to be about 10 years old. The boy was obviously ill but he was also crying. Then the mother turned on the boy with a vicious verbal attack.

“YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER! WORTHLESS AND EXPENSIVE TO TAKE CARE OF!” The boy was beginning to apologize. But I stepped in and said “STOP IT! WHATEVER Issues lie between your husband and yourself are yours and his but not your son’s. How dare you speak to him like that.” She practically screamed at me, “BUT HE JUST COST ME 50 BUCKS.”

“Worth every penny I’d say. There will come a day when you will need him. He will be your only hope aside from God. You need to calm down and then apologize and beg his forgiveness before the day’s end.” Then I turned to the boy and said, “You have done nothing wrong. There is nothing you need to apologize for.”

The mother glared at me and said, “Now I suppose you are going to call the cops on me too?”
“No, I am not. I am going to pray for your son and you too if you’ll let me?”
“Well go on pray for him. BUT NOT ME.”

So I did, and the boy politely thanked me and said that he knew Jesus and went to church when he got to go visit his dad. His name is Mike and his mom’s name is Susan and he asked me to pray for his mom because she needs Jesus really bad. I told Mike I would and that I would turn her over to my best prayer warriors. ( That’s you guys) and he smiled. I walked him out to their truck and Mike waved as his Mom sped off.

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