Workshop on Helping the Homeless

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Video Capture from Helping The Homeless Workshop with Steve Kimes. Video Footage by Mary Anne Funk

Below are four sections of a workshop taught by Pastor Steve Kimes of Anawim Christian Community, who has been working with the homeless for 22 years. It is called Introduction to Helping the Homeless. It was taught in St. John’s Christian Church in Portland Oregon. It was produced by Mary Anne Funk.

The first section is giving some basic information about houseless folks in the United States, with special time focusing on how folks become houseless.

Introduction to Helping the Homeless: Who are the Homeless?

The second section is about a neighborhood’s response to the homeless and why there is often negative responses to even good people on the street:

Introduction to Helping the Homeless: Community Response

The third section is giving a basic overview of essential ways in which the homeless should be helped.

Introduction to Helping the Homeless: Basics on Helping

The fourth section is specifically about the St. Johns community and the homeless needs there, with a special encouragement to begin day shelters!

Introduction to Helping the Homeless: The need in St. Johns

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