What Can You Get for $3?

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Splash A meal, a hot drink……..

I am standing in line at McDonald’s. There is a young guy counting out dimes nickles and pennies for one of those dollar burgers and he is 12 cents short. For the lack of 12 cents he was going to go hungry. Plop, a dollar bill covers the pile of change and a have a cup of coffee to wash it down. A grin from the young man.

I place my order and along side me a guy and his girl friend are trying to scrape together change for a large cup of coffee they 30 cents short. Plop and the words no tricks my treat another dollar magically appears in their hands.

Ever tried to eat while sitting across from a street kid counting change to see if he has enough to buy something? It is really hard to swallow.

The kid leans back and the look in his eyes tells you he is way short…..How much ya got I asked. 82 cents he sighs, Plop a couple of bucks magically appear along with a a quarter and voila! the sound of smacking lips and a sigh.

Now I know that some one is going to say “Hey that was $4.25 not $3!” but ya know our Father in heaven has a policy of pressed down and over flowing when it comes to passing out blessings and, well, its contagious….

  1. November 10, 2015

    Deborah Loyd

    Hard to swallow… yes indeed!

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