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Wildflowers Well one of my projects is the creation of a forest around the meditation garden. I currently have a few dozen trees of different species now in different stages of maturity and some ground covers and some weeds. Most folks chide me for letting them grow but I have discovered that there are some varieties of finches and humming birds who have a taste for these weeds and it is fun to watch a bird the size of your thumb nail perch on the stock of these skinny little weeds and feed.

Yesterday was a bit of a scorcher and so today I was out early to water the new forest. As I was dragging the hose over there was a whole chorus of birds large and small and even a couple of squirrels sitting on the fence and up in the trees chirping and squawking with excitement. then I chose my sprinkler of choice and turned on the water and as I came around the Motor Home to see if there were any adjustments needed there was the whole crew preening and/or just standing and getting soaked. Even as I approached they did not stop and so after making sure I was getting the first 5 trees I turned and left them to their baths. I will let them have a good 20 minute soak for these trees are the youngest of the forest and need to develop their roots.

Ya know in the book of Romans in the first chapter around verse 18 it talks about how God’s glory is manifested through His creation, and I have noticed that if you take a human and deprive him/her of the basics they will revert back to a base form after a while. But with just the most simple thing like a shower and a kind word they can be transformed before your vary eyes and it is just such a miraculous event. In Romans 8 it says that the whole of Creation awaits with great expectation the revealing of the sons of God. When I set up the sprinkler and turned it, I was revealing my status as one of the sons of God to a portion of Creation and when I can provide a shower and some food and a kind word I am revealing my status as a son of God.

So go water God’s Garden, both the flowers and the weeds.

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