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Words hold a special Magic in and of themselves.Breaking out
There is a character in the Harry Potter movie named Dumbledore, who said that words are a source of magic for they possess the power to do great good or great harm.

Yesterday I was shopping at Fred Meyer; when I was accosted by two women. One was in her late 40s to early 50s and the other in her early 20s. The older woman came and threw her arms about me and gave me a passionate hug and then kissed me on the cheek and, while I was still a bit undone by the first, the younger woman repeated the actions of the older woman who was now in tears.

I must admit I was very befuddled by the whole affair, probably because I was in the produce section and this had created an audience of 15 to 20 women of various ages, all with smiles and muffled giggles.
“Excuse me, who are you?” I finally managed to get out while desperately trying to regain some composure. The older woman, taking my hand, says, “I didn’t expect you to recognize me but I would know you anywhere.” That exhortation raised a few eye brows other than mine. “My name is Kathrine Roshenblum and 28 years ago you saved my life”, “And mine”, chimed in the younger woman and Kathrine began to weep once again.

Now you would think that if you had saved the lives of 2 people you would remember the event. But I did not.
Kathrine having regained some composure says, “You and seven other brave men were blocking the doors of the Lovejoy Abortion Clinic. The escorts and the police were trying to pry you and the others off the doors. One officer had your hand in a pain compliance hold and another was applying another pain compliance to your neck and that is when our eyes met and you spoke to me and said ” FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, DO NOT KILL YOUR DAUGHTER!” and at that moment I just screamed and ran away.”

“Six weeks later I was born” chimed in the younger. “My name is Faith Hope Roshenblum.” Well the audience had pretty much thinned out to a few eye dabbers and uneasy smiles. And I was still trying to digest all that I had heard.
As it turns out they live in Washington, near Fort Lewis. Faith is in college, Mom and Dad live near near the Fort for her hubby is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and they were down visiting friends in Gresham and had gone to Freddy’s for some munchies for the trip back.

So to all my fellow prolifers who got sued and for those who didn’t.
See it was worth it for we saved TWO lives————

  1. April 6, 2015

    Pastor Dawn Faihtinger

    That was awesome God Bless you for being there. Another one of God’s angels protecting his children. Glory to God

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