Tragedy and Hope

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Clackamas SC A little less than a week ago, tragedy struck.

Clackamas Service Center has been an essential place for the homeless in south east Portland to receive essential services. They serve daily meals, offer showers, offer warmth in the cold and cool in the heat. They allow people to use their address for mail and a place for their medications to be distributed, as well as plugs to charge phones.

This last Monday, an arsonist struck, and fire made their building unusable. They will be renovating it, making it unusable for six months.

A group of leaders and advocates, including Anawim leaders, met last Tuesday to see what we could do to fill the gap in the meantime. We quickly created a list of services and volunteers who would help serve meals immediately. We also have a plan to provide showers and electric outlets.

It is a tragedy for the homeless of East County to lose both the Red Barn and Clackamas Service Center at the same time.

Right now, this means that Anawim is involved in three major ministries:
-Providing 3000 pounds of food to homeless camps and meals to folks in East County
-A shower and clothes ministry in North Gresham
-Providing food and service to South East Portland in this emergency time

Please pray for us, as we continue to do what we can to help the gap.

If there is anyone in Portland who would like to provide food or help in some other capacity, please email us at


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