A Time To Listen

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IMG_20140312_112016 Ever wonder what it would be like to go from a middle class individual with hopes and dreams and visions, to a non being? One who occupies space and time but who has had all his or her hopes and dreams and visions ripped away and destroyed, one by one, until you become numb and purpose-deficient? Unable to even consider a different life?

Next time you see some one flying a sign pull over load there stuff into the trunk and take them out to lunch and have them regale you with their story. DO NOT Interrupt with your insights, just let them tell their story and really listen and then take them back to where they were flying their sign and grease their palm with some cash and go off and meditate on the story you just heard. Keep a box of tissues close at hand for you will end up in tears after the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of your heart.

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