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Or Else In the Celtic Christian Theology we believe we have a responsibility to the whole of creation not just humankind. Kind of, “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof*. So having said that let me share a really cool event that happen today as I was driving home from Church.

So, I was driving down NE Glisan and was just crossing over the 205 freeway, when this group of ravens who were feasting on some road kill launched into the air. At the same time a Trimet Bus was heading west bound and one of the ravens, who was late in his launch, bounced off the Bus’s windshield and fell directly into the path of my truck. Well, I hit the brakes and the emergency flashers and put the truck into park.

I jumped out, scooped up the raven who was unconscious, plopped him into the passenger seat while the car behind me was expressing their hot displeasure by leaning on their horn. Once I was in the truck, I turned off the flashers popped into drive and took off. I took the first street which happen to have a Baptist Church on the corner and a parking lot behind it. There were about a half dozen high school and junior high aged kids there and so I parked away from them got out went around to the passenger side and picked up the raven and placed him on the hood so I could look him over.

So I am checking out the unconscious bird and there is the flutter of wings and soon I have a half dozen ravens on the hood and roof of my truck, watching me examine their comrade. Before I was done there were about 20 birds in all some circling some on the ground near my feet. They are all quiet, except for some clicking and twrilling sounds from their throats. Well the patient did not appear to have any broken bones and was just knocked out. I spent about 5 minutes stroking his head and finally his eyes rolled and he fluttered and tried to stand and a couple of ravens stepped forward to steady him. About a minute later he tried out his wings and then launched along with the rest of the flock. Away they all flew up to the rooftop of the VA medical clinic.

Now while all this was going on there was the audience from the Baptist Church. A man came over to see if I was alright and when I tried to explain and brought out the part about Celtic theology the look on his face as he was backing away was that I was definitely some kind of Pagan.

None-the-less it was a very cool experience. One of the ravens were so close I could feel his/or her feathers touching my beard. There was no feeling of malice, just concern.

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