Strong Story: Beggar in the Parking Lot

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This is the beginning of a new feature called “Strong Stories” where Jeff Strong, one of the pastors at Anawim, tells a strong, inspiring, or sometimes funny story.

Jeff has had a number of different experiences in his life and he finds himself in really unique situations at times. Rather than talk about his stories, let me just share one:

“Boy today is my day to get blessed and to do some blessing.

“So was about 7:30 pm and I had just come out of Tom’s a restaurant on 39th and Division when I hear this voice pleading saying ‘Please mister I am starving I haven’t eaten in two days can’t you please help me ppppppleeeeeeeeeease!’
“I come around to the parking lot to find this guy on his knees begging, this old man who tosses him a quarter and gets into his car and the guy on his knees crawls over and picks up the quarter and thanks the giver who is now driving away.
“So I helped him up took him inside gave him a menu and said pick what ever you want I am paying for it. He orders, I pay and I gave him my card and told him to come to the address for a shower some clothes and food. Also to come down to the Pizza cart tomorrow and I will feed you pizza and drink…….
“Tears are away of saying thank you, isn’t it…….?.”
Post Script:

Jeff later told me that the owner of the cafe, Tom (which is only appropriate) approached him the next week and said, “So I understand that you are inviting the homeless to hang out in my restaurant?”

Jeff, who had known Tom for many years, just shrugged and said, “Well, would you rather have me bring him in and feed him or to have him stay in the parking lot begging?” Tom also shrugged and walked away.

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