On the Other Side of Hell

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All will be fed I have come to believe that we all have this anointing from the Father to us via the Holy Spirit. This anointing is like unto a pheromone that attracts those who are searching and those who are hurting.

So when I got into the advocates office at the VA there was one ahead of me and when she went in I was the only person in the room and I was reading a magazine. Then 4 other people showed up and before I know it I am listening and ministering to each one, each with a horrific story or stories that happened in or near Vietnam. One was on a flight deck and a cable broke when a disabled jet was landing and it whipped across the deck killing four out of five guys working and he was the 5th. Or the guy whose job it was to defuse enemy booby traps and one had a hidden delayed trip and the blast blew him out the door but killed 14 of his buddies. Another was a sniper and I could not make out what it was he did because of the crying.

So for about and hour and a half while the advocate interceded for the vet in her office the Holy Spirit held court. And in the end we prayed and then hugged, for we are brothers. Not because we are veterans, but because we have each walked through the valley of death under the hand of the living God and though we didn’t all find the Grace of God until we were on the other side, as it is written, He knew us in our mothers womb. So there in the waiting room of an intercessor the spirits of healing and forgiveness were unleashed and tears of joy were shed openly and freely. It did not stop with just us for the receptionist joined in for she was a widow at the age of 27 with a son– her husband died in Iraq.

Then the door opened and the advocate called my name and asked are you finished and I said yes and walked in and the door closed.

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