Praise and Prayers – April 2013

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  • Praise God that Jeff and Yvan have moved out of their house into an RV where they can live compactly, but happily!
  • Pray for Tim and Sam, who have a new baby due to arrive May 9th, but need a new place to live, with hopefully 3 bedrooms!
  • Praise God for three of our Anawim folks getting jobs just recently!
  • Pray for Frog and Reachiel, who will be having a new baby, and Pa, Frog’s father, who’s been having health difficulties. (*Update: Kanen Chillam Carrell was born on May, 2, 2013!!)
  • Pray for those who are fighting their addictions and other difficulties in their lives, looking to break from old lives to new ones. Pray especially for Jellybean Steve, Gary and Brook.
  • Pray for Anawim as we are seeking to make changes to be a better, more solid organization.

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