No One Left Behind

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The gusts of wind out here in Gresham are pretty nasty.

There was this flock of crows on the stretch of lawn adjacent to the east side of the prayer house. The flock launched just as this big gust of wind rose up and one of the birds got slammed into the wall. It bounced off and through a shrub and landed on the lawn.

I was pretty sure it was dead, but then about 8 crows landed and surrounded the downed bird. About a minute passed and then one of the crows went over and nudged it with its beak. The downed bird fluttered a little and then rose up into a nesting position and the others just stayed with their comrade. Another moment or two passed and the downed bird was standing but was still a bit wobbly.

A neighbor was passing through with a little dog on a leash, but the 8 Crows took a protective formation and let out a series of cries and in about 10 seconds the number of crows increased to about 30. Now, a full 10 minutes had passed, and the downed bird had made a couple of test launches and then with much fanfare the entire flocked walked away from the building and then launched into the air and flew over to the Gardens on the Southeast side of the property and resumed their search for munchables.

Kind of reminds me of a Mantra we had in the battlefield: No man left behind.

In the book of Romans the Apostle Paul said that the very nature of God could be seen through His creation. It is the Fathers nature that none should perish.

Even the Crows have learned that and yet humankind has not. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us……

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