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This morning I journeyed to the parts store again for the fuses and a relay switch. There was something I was forgetting but I couldn’t bring it up to the front burners of my mind. When I got to Stark street I remembered……Breakfast. I hadn’t eaten anything and now my stomach was reminding me in a continual barrage of rumblings.

Well, there was a Jack in the Box and so I went to get Breakfast. So for $3.49 you get 2 eggs 5 silver dollar pancakes hash browns and 4 strips of bacon and a small coffee.

Then I turn around and there are 5 homeless pooling the fortunes for something and so I go to them and said if you would order off the dollar menu I’l cover the tab. So for $10 dollars 5 people had breakfast with coffee. None of them knew about Anawim and so I told them ow to get there and the times we were open.

They had come in on a rail car from Albuquerque New Mexico Someone said they heard their were jobs to be had here in Oregon but they are finding out that it was just a myth…….Brought back memories from the eighties and people chasing the phantoms of a possible job and a escape from the streets.

I got my parts and am now waiting for my feet to stop aching and my homeopathic muscle relaxers to kick in. One of the guys here had a pedometer to measure walking distances and so I had borrowed it and it is 3.97 miles round trip to the part store. 4 miles even if you include Jack in the Box. Not bad for and out of condition ol’ Geezer. Heh, heh, heh.

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