Kindness Creates Kindness

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Chocolat I note that there are many, many people who fear the homeless. This is because they don’t recognize that the homeless are their neighbors. Sure, we have some irritating neighbors, even bad ones, but as long as we are polite to our neighbors, they will be polite to us. If we are kind to them, they will be kind to us. Here’s some ideas to be a neighbor to the homeless:

  • If you see a new homeless person in your neighborhood, offer them a cup of coffee
  • Ask them how they are doing each time you see them
  • Talk about neighborhood issues—traffic, local news, new buildings, etc.
  • If they look unhappy, ask them why
  • If you have an issue with them (trash, perhaps), go and talk to them. Don’t force the police to mediate for you.
  • Once you get to know them, and are comfortable, invite them to dinner. It’s fun!
  • If they offer you food or help, please take it. It gives them respect, and you might very well need the help.

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