God’s Listening

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IMG_0454 I am sitting in a waiting area waiting for my number to be called in a Ford dealership’s Parts Department.

A little girl of about 5 years old asked if she can sit next to me on the bench. Without waiting for answer climbs up.

A few minutes pass and she tells me her name is Angela. “That’s a pretty name,” I said.

Then Angela takes my hand looks me straight in the eye and says in a matter of fact voice, “My mom is in jail for selling and doing drugs. My dad is dead. He died in some war in the Middle East I live with my Grandma but my Grandpa is dead. Grandma is really old and is sick, if she dies I will have no one, would you be my daddy?”

About that time a woman on a scooter with oxygen tanks rolls up. In a gruff almost angry voice asked if she has been bothering me?

“Nope not at all.” She gives the little girl a nasty grimace “You see I am a Pastor, and she was just sharing a prayer request for the desire of her heart. And I am going to have a little chat with God and see if we can’t make her prayer come true.”

Grandma scrunches up her face and spits out her words, saying, “I don’t believe in God.”

“Well that’s too bad, but ya know what? Your unbelief doesn’t count, this is between Angela and Me and God.”

Angela’s face was grinning ear to ear and I got a hug. Then Granny croaked, “Come, it is time to leave.” And with a wink and a wave they left.

At that time my number was called and the service manager comes up and says, “You really a Pastor?”

“Yup,” I said.

“Think God was listening?”

“He was standing in the room taking notes the whole time.”

The service manager chuckles and says, “So how can I help you?”

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