Fight in the Spirit

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I am in the parking lot of Albertsons and I park and get out of the car and turn to see a young man grab a young woman by her hair and cock back with the other hand clenched in a fist.

“STOP!” I shout and he stops. “Let her go,” I said.

“If I let her go and she runs I am going to come over there and kick your *ss.”

“Fine,” I said, “now let her go.” He does and she gets in to a car and locks all the doors.

The young man comes over with fist clenched and spewing angry colorful metaphors at me. He is in my face. He was drunk. He was near tears.

I just stood there hands at my side and then this voice came out of my mouth, “Can I pray for you?”

Without waiting for and answer I laid my hand on his shoulder and began,”Our Father who is in Heaven….”

By the time I finished the tears were flowing and he walked over to the car and asked for forgiveness and handed her the keys and walked away.

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