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God never ceases to amaze me.

I was sitting here loosing at solitaire, when a large sea gull lands on the roof of my truck. He is squawking and having a terrible time standing up. Then I notice that he has a big goober of fishing line around one foot and the part of a plastic ring used to hold a six pack together around the other and the ring is somehow entwined with the fishing line.

So armed with my trusty pair of side cutters I approach the bird who settles down lays on its side and allows me to nip my through this really thick line which turns out to be a chunk of net and the six pack thingy was tied to the net anyway 10 minutes passed and the bird and I had a nice chat and then he was free and then he stamped his feet an accepted my offering of a piece of toast with yogurt on it and flew away heading northwest.

Just think: he had to come all the way to Anawim to get set free from this entanglement he had in his life………

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