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Peace and Love

Back in April, Yvan and I were at our gym . I was so looking forward to the steam room and then the hot tub. My little fall had made my backside and legs hurt; the kind of hurt that meds can’t cure.

So there I was in the steam room cooking the pain away, feeling my bones relax with the muscles, breathing in the hot steam….aaaaah. There are three others in the steam room with me and then the three get up and leave and the the steam emitter starts another burst of steam and this lady with a walker comes in and sits across from me. About 30 seconds go by and then I hear the sound of soft weeping.

“Why are we weeping Dearheart?”

She apologizes and then says “My husband passed away 3 months ago and now I have no one to talk to. No one will spend time and listen to an old woman.”

I said “Well, I am here for at least another 20 minutes so start talking.” So for the next twenty minutes I listened to all kinds of things she had observed and experienced since the passing of her husband. I listened about her husband and some of his quirks that she found amusing and how much she misses her Teddy.

Suddenly the door opens up and her care taker says “It’s time, Liddy”

She rises and she says in a cheery voice “Thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself. I only come here once a week.”

“Well then,” I said, “until next week.”

There is this passage that says “Be still and know that I am God.” Sometimes listening to another allows the Holy Spirit the opportunity to cleanse the speakers heart of clutter so that grace of God has a clear passage to the heart.


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