Culture Wars

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Collage and mixed media on paper; approx. 11.5x20"

Collage and mixed media on paper; approx. 11.5×20″

Culture Wars

A collage of magazine photos from various sources, acrylic paint, Sharpie marker on heavy double-width magazine page. Approx. 11.5×20″ The base page was the cover of a magazine that stated “Culture Issue” with a fold-under flap with advertisement. This was gessoed over and quartered with acrylic paint covering all but the word “Culture” (“Wars” was drawn over the gesso). Words, phrases, photos and illustrations were gleaned from my considerable cache of old magazines. Final drawn details added with acrylic paint and Sharpie marker.

Items to note: I found several figures with an “open arms” pose and then realized they all emulated the crucifixion pose… especially the lady below the circle. Then I noticed that the lines I added above the skulls made them appear to be moving or shaking…. I think they are protesting the treatment of the poor souls who used to posses them!

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