Counting Crows

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A murder coming…

This morning when I stepped outside the Motor Home, the air was brisk with a slight breeze. The birds were singing and I saw a small flock of them head for the feeder that I had refilled the night before. One of the recent additions has been a bird bath and so I crept to the end of the barn to take a peek. There were several sparrows and finches feeding from the feeder and several more splashing in the bath. But the real treat was the sparrow who was building a nest in the bird house.

Suddenly there was a flight of crows swarming the park. Must have been 20 or 30 of them cawing and circling and then they all came in for a landing on the basketball court. They were surrounding a long narrow object some 16 inches in height.

It was in fact a homeless guy who sleeps on the court. You see, the court is coated in a black emulsion and so it absorbs a lot of heat during the day and then radiates it back into the air and in this case this guy’s sleeping mat and bag.

Well the Crows made the determination that this was *road kill* and a huge feast! At first their were but 30 but soon more were arriving and more.

Finally the leader of this flock hops up onto the center of the mound and lets loose with a big PECK.

No response.

Maybe it was the thickness of the bag I do not know but the Leader of this Squadron, for what ever reason, walked up towards the head and to what I thought would be the shoulder and rears back and unleashes a mighty peck.

Pay dirt!

There came a loud howl of pain and a flailing arm and the flock now some 40 in strength takes wing.

So it will be interesting to see, if the recipient of the ‘ Looks Like Road Kill To Me’ award, chooses to tempt fate again. Could be worse, next time a giant condor could be the next caller……..

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