Benefits of Street Ministry

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Written on February 25


This afternoon I was at Walmart buying cat food. And then heading for the truck there is this Big Black Lincoln Navigator cruising through the parking lot at a good clip and making people scurry to get out of their path. Windows open, they laugh the laugh of arrogance and finally they come by me.


“SLOW DOWN,” I yell, and they come to a stop.The vehicle backs up. The young man sporting the tattoo of 666 in 3 inch blue letters across his forehead, says, “What did you say old man?”


I leaned forward and said, “I said, slow down. If you want to be stupid do it somewhere where you aren’t going to hurt anyone.”


The young man climbs out of his rig and stands before me. How about I kick your ass old man? (Why is it that the biggest cars are driven by the smallest people?) 

I began to chuckle a little and that seemed to infuriate him more. “All I want you to do is to slow down and stop the game you were playing with the folks walking.” Might as well as been speaking to a post.


Now he has a knife (well, he called it a knife anyway) and then then other two who were in the backseat got out and approached from behind and they were acting all big and bad.
Now 30 years ago we would have done the dance but it was getting late and my body has been aching all day from the cold so I shot out a Psalm 61: Hear my cry O’ lord attend unto my plea… and then 6 guys from the Yellow Church showed up asking how I was doing? I said, “Well this guy with his knife and his buddies want to kick my ass….”


They turned and my would be assailants were climbing back in the car and then left.


Ya know I am really terrible with remembering names and so if any of you are reading this forgive me but I can’t thank you enough for delivering me out of a sticky situation. It did my heart good to see you and to hear how you are continuing to follow the Lord. I really hope we can get together soon.

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