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Guest blog by Rebecca Floyd

So, last week we made the decision to stop running around like crazy people on the weekend trying to “attend” two churches.

We love our Calvary Chapel church but haven’t felt that was exactly where God wanted us to stay since we started attending. Which was hard to understand and we took several weeks before submitting to that nudging of the Holy Spirit. We feel He definitely had purpose in us being there, the church was and is everything we wanted, we wanted a church that had a heart for outside the walls and we met some incredible people that will forever be a part of our missions journey, the messages are great and the worship is amazing, but we still felt disconnected from something, then we started to feel the burden of our schedules and realized we were attending a traditional church on Sunday because that’s what we were “supposed to do”, that was in addition to our St Johns ministry which is amazing (and i could go on about it for multiple rants). We really begin to examine what “church” means, what we say it means and what our schedule demonstrates it really means to us.


Our St Johns Trails ministry is a church, we gather, worship by serving and we testify to His greatness and offer the Hope of His amazing Plan, we read the Bible and pray.
So we are attending Calvary Chapel Wednesday nights for the kids Awana and our worship time, an amazing time of being fed and sitting quietly before the Lord, but no longer going on Sundays. We are also going to continue doing street evangelism on Fridays if the week hasn’t been crazy.
Please continue to pray for our ministry, that more of our people would make it to the building. We were serving about 10 regulars and 5 newbies every week under the tree on the Trail, last week we had 3 regulars and 2 newbies in the building, so we are encouraged in that. Anawim, the homeless church in the east Portland area that we are a part of, has several people that serve Trails on Sundays, they are still doing church on the actual trail, they sometimes have close to 25-30 people. Hopeful that they will eventually all begin to come indoors on Saturdays and join us for a great message about His grace and that the Sunday team will have an opportunity to move indoors as well.
Every Friday i have dreams about the room we are in being filled (FILLED) with people needing food and a Savior. I love that dream and am looking forward to it tonight.

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