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Jeff does strike an imposing figure, especially when he’s all glowy like this…

Around 3:30 this afternoon I was at the dollar store on Foster.

There was this very loud and obnoxious woman roaming through the store calling out this name and issuing threats. I came around the end of the isle and squatting between two displays was this little girl not more than 8 years old and she was praying quite fervently for Jesus to protect her from this woman. About the same time the loud woman came around the other side and was attempting to grab her and I stopped her.

“Who do you think you are?” she bellowed.

Looking at the little girl I said, “Her protection from you. You see, she was praying to Jesus to provide her with protection from you and I…well I work for Jesus the Christ. So, are you her mother?”… and the girl says quickly “NO! She is a neighbor.”

“Did your Mom ask her to watch over you?”


Now the loud and obnoxious woman is looking like she wants to grab the girl again but the little girl puts her hand in mine and steps behind me.

Well while this was all going down, Mark the Manager has been on the phone and is escorting a couple of Portland’s finest to the isle. The neighbor sees the cops and bolts but doesn’t get far. It seems that the neighbor doesn’t like kids and likes to scare and torment them. She has been warned before, but today’s adventure gets her arrested.

After the excitement subsides a little I learn that my charge is named Maria. I get to call Maria’s mother, who comes to the store to pick up her daughter.

When Maria’s mom shows up, Maria says, “Momma it worked just like you said.” It seems that Maria had only become a Christian with her mother about 6 months ago and her mother had told her that if she was ever in need of a protector Jesus would provide one. And it seems He did. Actually 2 of them, for Mark is a brother in Christ also.

But is that not the way of the Lord when he is pouring out a blessing? Pressed down and over flowing……

  1. October 10, 2012

    Richard J Graham

    i need you to pray for me and my family..we r not on the same page any ,more..wish i had time to see you all


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