Angels Opening the Book! Right Now!

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The book doesn’t have anything to do with the Cherubim of old. But it would be cool if angels were opening the book and showing everyone the contents, huh?

If you have enjoyed Pastor Steve’s blogs or the articles in this website, you might enjoy the stories and insights on Scripture in the book Anawim: A Biblical Theology Told In Stories.

This book is free– which means without any cost, for those who have been following advertisements for too long. You can read it on the blog of the same name: Anawim

This book is telling the story of the poor in the Bible… but instead of doing so through dry, dusty, professorial theology, this book proposes to tell the radical truths of poverty through stories. It is meant not only to challenge, but to entertain. Let me know how that goes, okay?

The only catch is this: it’s a blog. So you read it backwards. Not the words backwards, but the book’s sections begin at the bottom and you have to read each post directly above that. It’s tricky that way. Eventually, the whole thing will be published and you can read it joyfully from left to right. In the mean time, it’s from the bottom to the top. Heh, kinda like the poor in the Bible, huh? That works!

Now that’s upside down theology!

Or you can just read it from the middle. That’ll work too. The blog format gives you SO MUCH FREEDOM!

You don’t get to read the end, though. It’s not published yet. In fact, less than half the book is, at this date. So you’ll have to keep tuned in to the blog to get the latest section. How Dickensian!

I hope you like it. If you do, tell your friends. Link to a favorite post on FB. If enough people like it, who knows? We might actually see it in a direct-to-paperback format. I’d love that. Pulp fiction, by Steve Kimes. Nice.

In case you’ve forgotten that I posted a link above, here’s another one.


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