Angels Among Us

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Aglow On Stark Avenue and 102nd there stood an elderly man in his 70s. He looked so embarrassed to be flying a sign which read:

help me help my wife

Four cars stopped along the curb and the drivers got out and approached the elder. Each driver, produced a wad of bills and gave him a hug along with the money.

All were crying, including me for I was the 5th driver who didn’t have any money on me to give……then the drivers all climb back into their cars and drove away.

The elder was putting away his sign as I pulled up and the light turned red.He glanced over and saw me still crying, smiles and nodded to me.

I roll down my window and he says,”Its okay……God provided all I need”.

The light changes and I wave, still too choked up to talk and I drive on.

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