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There is crying and then there is crying. Some is as a result of unspeakable joy and others are unspeakable sorrow. Some cries are in desperation and some in intercession.

Jesus said, “Let him who has ears hear.” He would also tell His disciples that the reason he told stories was because the people didn’t have the ears to hear the truth and be set free. They also lack the eyes to see the truth or to discern the deception.

Today I was out and about collecting money from customers who had been on vacation. At one location I spotted and old friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we were gabbing and remembering our last adventure together and we decided to go grab some coffee and a munchie. As we were approaching this eatery that neither of us had been in before there was this young man in his twenties digging through a garbage can unwrapping things and eating them. I said “Hey bud, let me buy you some food in here.”

The young man erupted into screams of; “Get away from me! this mine! go find your own!!!” He could not hear us. His eyes were glazed in fury and hate and bitterness.
“Yup!” I said.I had a plan. I went in and bought the biggest Cheese Burger they had and the largest order of fries and a huge Cup of Ice Tea.

The manager said, “You are going to give this to that guy out there aren’t you?”

I said, “Yup!”

She said “We have a few burgers here that didn’t turn out the way we wanted…” and so she added them to the very big bag.

Now the trick was how to get them into the can which the twenty something was guarding like a junk yard dog. So one of the girls behind the counter took off her apron picked up the bag and went out the back way and walked up to the can and just stuffed it in and then walked back the way she came. The kid opens up the bag and just stares. You would have thought he had died and gone to heaven. And we were in the store behind tinted glass high fiving ourselves over our cleverness when there was another eruption and the guy was screaming profanities concerning the girl who had delivered the package and he dumped out the Ice tea and tore up all the burgers and fries and then urinated in the can and stormed away.

I thanked the manager for her generosity. The server and the manger were under the opinion that this guy was possessed and Fr. Bob and I were in full agreement.

The ability of our enemy the devil to blind the eyes and ears is sometimes beyond words. His ability to deceive and enslave the heart of man is much greater than we give him credit for. This young man would have at one time, just a few years ago, be an extreme example. However not today, their numbers are ever increasing.

Now some of you might ask why we did not cast out the demon?

We did not because if we had and the young man refused to give his life to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit, the demon, according to scripture, would have roamed the area for a while come back found the vessel (the man) clean gone out and gotten 7 spirits worse than himself and returned and taken over and then the condition of the young man would have been worse.

Jesus looked unto the people and said that the field is ripe for harvest but the laborers are few. Pray for more laborers. Better yet be a laborer. The devil is working very hard to enslave as many as he can and as it is said: Idle hands is the Devils work shop. There are many Idle hands even in the Kingdom of God so it is time to go to work and let your light shine.

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