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Isaiah 55 At the very tippy top of Northeast Glisan Street there is a shopping mall and in
the northeast corner of the mall is a large store front with the title River of Life
Church. Behind that there is a large empty parking lot that you can see all the
way into the state of Washington. It is an excellent place for meditating because
no one goes there except in the wee hours of the morning when the delivery
trucks for Safeway or the Dollar store show up. But for the most part it is a
windswept deserted parking lot with a set of stairs leading down into a
apartment complex.

Yesterday around 2:45 pm somewhere down the stairs came a woman’s voice.
She was angry and frustrated with whomever it was she was speaking to and
was apologizing on one side but making it quite clear she wanted nothing more
to to do with this individual telling them to leave her alone and go away. The
conversation was growing louder and then spilled out into the parking lot and
by this time her frustrations had elevated into a scream.
To the naked eye there was no one there. She was screaming into the wind. But
the look on her face told me there was someone there; I just could not see
them. It is often the case that spirits will only manifest themselves to the one
they are tormenting and thereby make the person appear mentally unstable. So
I got out of the truck and went to help her if I could.

“Hi”, I said “My name is Jeff. So tell me Dearheart, what are we dealing with
here?” She just stood there for a moment or two and then in a matter of fact
voice said, “It is a Nephilim, a spirit that I once channeled. You see about two
weeks ago I had this really bad experience in the spirit realm and Elam (the
name of the spirit she was channeling and the one whom she is dealing with
now) tried to get me to kill myself by cutting my wrist and the doctors injected
me with a psychotropic drug and Elam tried to smother me in the ER. But there
was this guy there who was praying for someone and I heard him say call out to
Jesus and he will save you. So I did and Jesus showed up and and and healed
me and made Elam go away. Now he is back and he won’t leave me alone.”

“Did you ask Jesus to become your Lord and Savior?” I asked. “No.” “That is
why Elam is back”, I said. “You see, he knows once you have committed your
life to Christ he will no longer have any control over you. So want to pray?”
“Yes!” she gasped, and so Penny prayed and then I laid hands on her and asked
for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and then I took authority over Elam and
bound him and commanded him to leave Penny alone and to leave.

Penny looked up smiling and crying and said “He’s gone, and I feel so clean
and new.” I went to the truck and behind the seat I had one New Testament with
psalms and Proverbs in the New King James from our friends the Gideons and
gave it to her and said “This is the instruction manual on how to live like a
Christian. The first book is Matthew, pay close attention to chapters 5, 6 and 7.”
I then asked her if she had any toys concerning witchcraft and she said she had
several books and a board and I said “You must destroy them.” and she
promised she would…then I got a big hug and a thank you for not thinking she
was crazy.So now all you saints you can pray for Penny; she lives in a foster
home and she is 16 years old and she is a new daughter in Christ and for me a
great Christmas present…...


  1. December 30, 2014

    Steve Trujillo

    Wonderful that you shared this, that you didn’t dismiss her as another nut case or strung out person. Thank you for your obedience to the Father and for not yielding to western materialistic word view that forgets where the real battle for souls lies.

    God bless!

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