Them There Hills

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Yesterday while Steve preached and Yvan did her Art studio I went on an adventure. In the back of the truck was my Classifier and a bucket and a shovel and I went looking for a stream. I ended up at the Sandy River out in Troutdale. So I was walking the bank to see if I could spot a good place and soon found one and began my Classifying.


On about my 4th shovel load I glanced up to see 4 pairs of feet. Two sheriff deputies and a couple of rescue guys in wet suits. Thinking I was violating some rule I stopped and said I had read there prohibited sign and didn’t see anything about what I was doing. But my fear was soon set aside. It seems they had all watched the gold mining shows on TV but had never met anyone who actually did it. And so with an audience I filled my bucket.


However none volunteered to help me lug it back to the truck…So now the classified material is at home and now I get to try out my sluice……..and claim all my gold…..heh heh heh!

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