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Yesterday I was taking apart my rototiller to see if it was fixable in my backyard. Now I have created my back yard to be like a miniature forest. In the northeast corner of the yard lives a Red leaf Maple and a Locust and a Chinese Train a Doug Fir 3 Horse Chesnut trees, 2 or 3 Azaleas and several other shrubs and shade loving varieties plants plus I never clean up the leaf litter or the broken branches that have fallen and so it is very dense and dark and the squirrels and birds and other critters like to play there.


So there I was working on the tiller when I felt this little wet nose push up against the back of the calf of my leg and and I assume it is one of my cats being affectionate. So I set down the wrench and reach down to apply the proper return of affection which is a scratch between the ears and to my surprise the fur was wrong. Which in turn caused me to actually look at whom it was I was petting and it was a Momma Possum with 4 baby possums attached to her.
So I said “Well hello there Momma, nice little brood you have there.” Her response was to step forward and nuzzle my leg again and allow me the privilege to scratch her head. Then they went to my compost pile and rummaged through the compost looking for choice morsels and of course worms. Then all the kids climb back on Mom and they toddled off to the Black Locus and climbed up to where Mom had made their home.
So once again the verse from Romans the 8th chapter which says that the whole of creation awaits with great expectation the revealing of the sons/daughters of God.
Are you revealed yet?

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