Knights Errant Prevail!

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"You shall pass!"

Yesterday I was on a quest to gather food for one who had none. As in all quest there time outs where the seeker must avail him or herself of some sustenance so they will have the strength to continue. So there I was in a way station feasting on a couple of Big Macs and fries and a diet Doctor Pepper.
As I was sitting there a scene began to unfold out side at and intersection that had both cross walks and traffic lights. A older man in a wheel chair severely crippled in the arms and hands and only able to propel himself with his right foot, crossing the street slowly. The light changed and he was but half way across. A large pick up that was elevated high above the ground revved his engine honked his horn and then made a false start as the wheelchair struggled with roughness of the road.
Suddenly out from the covered bus stop no less than 7 Roosevelt High School Students leapt into the street 4 boys and a girl provided the road block while the other two girls came to the aide of the elder in the wheel chair and moved him out of the street. AND when the Orc driving the pick up yelled out a complaint couched in profanities did this young man step forth and challenged the Orc who then noticed that the young Knight was not alone and wisely rolled up his window and stayed quiet.
SO!! O students of Roosevelt I lift my cup up to you in salute and say you have given this old man hope renewed.

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