Independence Day

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Photo by Steve Kimes

For me, in the beginning independence was the ability to do what ever I pleased when ever I wanted. Then I turned two and my parents started redefining my world and my independence.
Fast forward 16 years and the Government through its Military really redefined my understanding of Independence.
At the age of 22 I found that to be Independent was all that it was made out to be.
In truth I had really only two choices and that was based on the two realities operating in this world: Darkness or Light. I had just come out of a valley that was extremely Dark filled with death and destruction and I had been and active participant in those activities and did NOT want to return. So I chose the Kingdom of Light. To be a part of the Kingdom Light requires submitting to the King.
So I laid down my independence to be dependent upon the King. In becoming dependent on the King I became independent of all the fear and atrocities that require a blood payment to achieve forgiveness. And Just for those of you who are wondering who the king is it is Jesus the Anointed one……okay? Okay!

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