Faith in Crisis

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The Lord provides, from where, we cannot know

When you become a Christian God automatically enrolls you in to the prestigious of the Holy Ghost University. It is a place where the Holy Spirit teaches both in and through the written word of God and then also the hands on experience. In the world they call it the Lab but in Christendom it is called Trials and Tribulations.

Now we have all heard the stories of how a person or a couple through no fault of their own ended up losing all that made them secure. Their home and belongings and their pets and ……well everything. And this is presented in about 20 to 30 seconds of air time on the local news or a documentary that is usually dealing with a different issue altogether and so the story gets lost in the presentation. In my ministry I have listen to probably 100s of such stories. But, because I lived in a house and was not facing spending time on the streets or losing all *MY* stuff it never really impacted me.
But now my wife and I are looking down the barrel of that gun so to speak. The house that we have been living in for many years is going to be sold and we are finding out that we do not have anywhere we can afford to move to.


All the stories that we who are housed tend to ignore about the shortages of housing or the paranoia of landlords with their extensive and expensive application background forms are true. For an example they want an application for each adult and each application carries a fee of $30 to $50 on average and if you are not approved you lose the money. A house the same size as what we have starts around $1200 to $1500 per month so when the rent exceeds your income by $200 per month or you can’t afford all the hoops then you get to enter into faith building time by getting on your knees and doing a whole lot of praying at a much deeper level.

Now let us make something clear here. I am not posting this to pluck at your heart strings and make you feel sorry about us in the vain hope that you would pour out a ton of money or anything like that. As an urban missionary, part of my mission is to expand your understanding of the height and depth and breadth of the Kingdom of God. I also write to demonstrate the power and glory of our Lord and our Father. So what I am doing right now is setting the stage (so to speak) so that when the Lord comes and rescues us out of this situation that you will be able to marvel and rejoice equally with us. Then you will know where we started from, how we walked through the trial and how the deliverance came to pass. That is my purpose and hope…….

That is not to say that if one of you showed up on our door step with the keys and title to a spacious mansion that I would turn my nose up at it either!! I might be crazy but I am not stupid….;~P
So that is where we are on our journey so far.

The Lord’s hand is in this….I have felt in my spirit that we, Yvan and I were going to embark on a journey together for some years now, but I could not see how it could be brought to pass. Well this is how…I guess!
My the Lord Bless you and keep you and give you peace.

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