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Jesus was at a party and he gave a speech. Hearing him, one of those listening announced, “How wonderful it will be for those who are at the party of God!”

Jesus replied with a story:

“There was a man planning a party and he sent invitations out. As a reminder, he sent one of his employees out at the time of the party to all those invited. But they—every one—offered excuses instead.

“One said, ‘Oh, I just bought some real estate and I need to go look at it. So sorry, but I’m just too busy to come.’

“Another said, ‘I just bought five work trucks and I need to test them out. I’m really sorry, but I’m too busy to come.’

“Another said, ‘I just got married, and, well, we’re just too busy. Sorry, can’t come.’

“So the employees returned to their CEO and explained all this to him. He fumed and he told his employees, ‘OK, fine. Then go downtown and invite every beggar—the bums, cripples, winos and indigent.’

“After a bit, the employees reported back to him, ‘We did as you requested, sir, but the hall still looks pretty empty.’ So the CEO said, ‘Then go out of the city and collect the passers through, all the immigrants looking for work and other foreigners. Convince them to come in until the banquet hall is completely full. But I swear to you, not a single one who was invited will have even a bite of my feast.’”

Luke 14:15-24

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